Cermark LMM-6000

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Metal laser marking spray.

CerMark LMM-6000 is a widely used auxiliary material for the successful marking or engraving of metals with a CO2 laser or fiber laser. Due to the use of ethanol as a solvent, the coating dries quickly.

Suitable for:

  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium

  • Brass, Aluminium

  • Tin, Copper, Nickel

Laser marking and laser engraving with CerMark LMM-6000 is possible on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In any case, the coating delivers excellent results when engraving raw steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, tin, copper and nickel. However, it is necessary to make some test pieces to determine the optimal settings for the laser machine. The underlying material, the type of laser you use, the power you use to engrave and the detail in the image all affect the final result.

CerMark LMM-6000 is ready to use. Shake the spray can vigorously for two minutes so that you can clearly hear the bullet in the can rattle. Insufficiently careful mixing of the coating with the solvent can clog the nozzle. This will cause sputtering and you will get an irregular coating layer on your workpiece. Use the spray on a grease and dust free surface at a temperature of 15° to 32° C. Apply a thin layer of coating in one or two passes for the best result. It is important for proper operation that the coating is thoroughly dry. Air drying takes about two minutes, but using an oven, hair dryer or hot air gun will make it much faster.

CerMark LMM-6000 uses a CO2 laser to create a permanent black colored mark on the material. For a good result, the surface must not have been treated with glossy paint or coating. A coating that is applied too thick only costs extra energy without a better result. In general, a good result on softer metals requires more power in combination with a lower running speed.