Holographic Aqua - H0011

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Holographic contains color changing chips that create the effect of depth and dimension. Available in 21 special effect colors, Holographic will take your projects to a new level. Holographic can be cut to look exactly like rhinestones, without the extra work associated with applying rhinestone designs.

The Holographic line also features two translucent colors: Rainbow Pearl and Spectrum give your designs an opalescent finish that changes depending on the color of the garment.

The product is REACH compliant
The product is VEGANOK certified


The Siser Holographic is a 210 µ polyester flex film with a metallic holographic effect. The adhesive carrier is peeled when cold.

Please note that polyester flex films are not suitable for small or fine details and are not durable for a large amount of washing cycles.


Prepress garment for 2 - 3 seconds at full temperature before positioning the film. Wash inside out, wait 24 hours after the heat transfer.

160 °C
15 - 20
3 bar
Remove Liner
Second Pressing
Washable at
40 °C
Dry Cleaning

These instructions are based on the values obtained from practical experience. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. We strongly recommend the evaluation on test material.

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