Stretch Green Flex - ST0009

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Formaat 30cmx50cm, meerdere stukken worden niet aaneensluitend geleverd.
Formaat 50cmx1m wordt aaneensluitend geleverd tot max. 25meter.

The Siser P.S. EasyWeed Stretch is a PVC free heat transfer film for t-shirts and other garments made of cotton, polyester and their blends containing spandex and lycra®. Due to it's elasticity and 90 µ thickness the Siser P.S. EasyWeed Stretch is ideal for applications on modern textiles used for sportswear which often contain high proportions of spandex and lycra®.

The Siser P.S. EasyWeed Stretch is a PU flex film and has a sticky polyester liner with a higher tack making weeding easy especially when using small details and even although the film does have a high elasticity it still boasts a great dimensional stability.

Siser P.S. Stretch OEKO-TEX


Prepress garment for 2 - 3 seconds at full temperature before positioning the film. Wash inside out, wait 24 hours after the heat transfer.

160 °C
20 sec.
3,5 bar 
Remove Liner
Cold or
Second Pressing
Washable at
60 °C 
Dry Cleaning
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