Siser Easy Subli Flex - sublimatie (A4) / voordeelpakket 5 stuks

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Siser Easy Subli flexfolie
Print met uw sublimatieprinter op deze witte flexfolie, snijdt de eventuele contouren uit met uw snijplotter en pers op elk soort textiel.

Eerste gebruik? Bekijk zeker even deze tutorial:


Siser Easy Subli

The Siser Easy Subli is a printable flex film suitable for direct printing with sublimation inks. The flex film with a thickness of 220 µ is printed directly without mirroring. Due to the different printer and ink types we strongly recommend testing before usage. 

We recommend following printing parameters: Priority: Quality, Paper Type: High Gloss, Profile: Photo.


Print non-mirrored, let the print dry thoroughly before further processing.
Prepress garment for 2 - 3 seconds at full temperature before positioning the film. To transfer the print onto the textile we recommend the heat resistant application tape Siser T.T.D. Special. If transferring without application tape, cover your print with a siliconised paper whilst pressing.

155 °C 
15 sec. 
3,5 bar 
Remove Liner
Second Pressing
Washable at
60 °C 
Dry Cleaning

These instructions are based on the values obtained from practical experience. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. We strongly recommend the evaluation on test material.


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